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"I signed up for a year, it was just jaw dropping how interesting and engaging the conversation quickly became"

Albert Ublrich

Instagram Comment

"i just stumbled across this comment and am completely blown away. It feels like the absolute next level of learning. Like breaking out of the shell of the prepared exercises and actually applying the knowledge in a way my brain can retain it. The grammar review is exceptional. bravo"

Japanese Learner


"It's REALLY good. Like AMAZINGLY good. I've only used it for 5 minutes and it's already amazing, i have social anxiety so i get scared talking in nl to other people but this is so good"


Reddit User

"I absolutely love the site. The only thing is I'm trying to subscribe now but am on the 7 day trial. I wanted to get the yearly subscription out the way. I've been looking for a site like this for forever."


Reddit User

"I wish I created this tool. It is so well-made and the training topics are thought through well. I've used several language apps and joined their leaderboards too but this one is the best so far. This app helped me speak Portuguese in two days."

Portuguese Learner


"I :heart: Langotalk, which is allowing me to speak Portuguese every day and build up my fluency. I'm also an Arabic teacher, and I'm recommending it to all my pupils once they have finished their first course."

Portuguese Learner


Frequent Questions

Hi! I'm Ariel Verber, founder of Langotalk.

I started working on Langotalk about a year ago. After seeing the new possibilities with AI, I wanted to create a chatbot that will help me level up my Spanish.

While it started as a side-project, after showing it to other people, I realized they'd love to use it as well for the language they're studying, so I quit my job and started working on it full-time.

Since then, thanks to a few talented people I met along the way, it developed to where it is today, a product used and loved by tens of thousands of enthusiastic learners, who are studying over 19 languages.

I really hope Langotalk will help you too, and regardless, I wish you luck with your journey!